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Mass Mobile Drug Testing provides professional drug testing services on location! We provide our services on your premises; this removes the hassle and expense of sending employees away from your facility while on company time. Plus, we reduce the risks and liabilities associated with offsite testing by bringing the necessary items on-site to conduct multiple collections, testing, or training. Mass. Mobile Drug Testing saves you time and money.

CBD OIL (Cannabidoil)

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Massachusetts Drug Testing

CBD OIL (Cannabidoil)

Gail Cunliffe

The federal rule is regarding CBD oil is quite specific, as stated in (49 CFR Part 40.151) the medical review is not permitted to “accept an assertion of consumption or other use of hemp or other nonprescription marijuana related products as a basis of verifying a marijuana test negative.”

As stated in a recent article by Joseph F. Whelan of DSI Medical, employees / applicants who test positive for THC will be in violation of the employer’s policy; regardless of it sourcing. CBD oil extracted from marijuana is receiving lots of attention lately as the cure all for an array of ailments, illnesses and pain. Further claims are made that the THC is removed and entirely safe. All the claims that THC has been extracted from products such as hemp, CBD oil, Cannabis vapor oils, etc. should not be given credibility nor create a false sense of security to the user. There is no definite scientific proven method of extraction of all THC. Manufacturers claims stipulating that all THC is removed, or the THC level is so low the user will not test positive are not proven.

Currently there are law suits against the cannabis product manufacturers resulting from purchasers of these products that have tested positive in workplace testing scenarios. They lost their jobs. In summary, employees are responsible for what they ingest, apply topically and the environments that they cohabitate. It is with strong emphasis that employees abstain from the use of any cannabis product as it could result in a positive substance abuse test and employment termination or rescinding of a job offer.