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P.O. Box 546
Raynham Center, MA 02768

Mass Mobile Drug Testing provides professional drug testing services on location! We provide our services on your premises; this removes the hassle and expense of sending employees away from your facility while on company time. Plus, we reduce the risks and liabilities associated with offsite testing by bringing the necessary items on-site to conduct multiple collections, testing, or training. Mass. Mobile Drug Testing saves you time and money.

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services: Drug-Free Workplace Programs, EAP and More

75 percent of the nation’s current illegal drug users are employed and 3.1 percent say they have actually used illegal drugs before or during work hours according to the Dep. of Labor. Do you have a Drug Free Workplace Program in place to be sure these are not your employees? 

A comprehensive Drug Free Workplace Program includes five components: 

1. A drug-free workplace policy
2. Supervisor training
3. Employee education
4. Employee assistance programs, and
5. Drug testing

While some employers may choose not to include all five components, Mass. Mobile recommends that all be explored when developing a program. Because every business is unique, there is no single way to write a program. We will customize a program for your company to make sure we cover every base. We will also make sure that your program follows Commonwealth of Massachusetts guidelines.