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Mass Mobile Drug Testing provides professional drug testing services on location! We provide our services on your premises; this removes the hassle and expense of sending employees away from your facility while on company time. Plus, we reduce the risks and liabilities associated with offsite testing by bringing the necessary items on-site to conduct multiple collections, testing, or training. Mass. Mobile Drug Testing saves you time and money.

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Medical Marijuana in the News

Gail Cunliffe

An important item is last week's court decision out of Colorado.  Last week, the Colorado State Supreme Court affirmed the lower court's decision regarding an employer's right to a drug free workplace.  In the case involving Dish Network, the court said that the company was in its legal rights to test and terminate an employee for off the job use of medical marijuana if the employee failed a drug test.  The court ruled that for an activity to be "lawful" it must be legal under both federal and Colorado law.  Since marijuana remains illegal under federal law an employer can prohibit it's use, even medical marijuana, in the workplace.  As we have said in the past, we are not attorneys, so please google for more information about the case and contact your legal counsel with any questions.